Insurance verification

On average we return a fully completed VOB within 30 minutes during regular business hours

Insurance verifications

The Difference in VOBs with Remedy

Faster turn around times, greater accuracy, and access to immediate preliminary information.

Get access to key information faster

With an average turn-around time of less than 30 minutes, at Remedy we have one of, if not the fastest VOB results of any billing provider. You understand that in the middle of admissions you need to know deductible and co-pay information quickly and our team is on standby to help. 

Experience means greater accuracy

Our team has the experience to know if information provided by the insurance representative isn’t accurate – and we immediately reconfirm with a different representative without you asking. Experience matters, insurance representatives aren’t always accurate and we know that you depend on the information we’re providing. 

Weekend Availability

If you need information over the weekend, we’re still here to help. While insurance companies are closed, we can provide preliminary information to you and your team for weekend admits. 

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Flat Fee Subject To Minimum Deposits


Outsourcing billing can be a cost-savings by utilizing the experience, technology, and systems already in place by outside providers. If you're paying more than 6% for billing services, you're paying too much. Learn more today about how you can receive quality billing services for less. 

Low Flat Fee For Services

Experience and expertise allows us to offer competitive pricing. With clean billing and more claims being paid timely, we can utilize fewer collectors to achieve greater collections. We then pass the savings on back to you. We do have a monthly minimum for small or new companies with limited deposits, and our rates are negotiable with clients with multiple locations.


Advanced Reporting & Analytics

We provide all of our clients weekly dashboards and trends so they can better predict future cash flow, understand weekly census changes, and visually identify key trends including changes to lengthy stay and levels of care. We can also assist with estimating future cash flow based on outstanding receivables. While this is incredibly challenging, particularly for out-of-network providers, we have the experience and data to provide reasonable estimations.

Increasing Your Monthly Deposits

Our utilization review team will complete an initial review of your internal forms and assist with improvements in asking the right questions for extending a client’s authorization when medically necessary. By increasing your length of stay, revenue and deposits increase on the same census. What is your billing company doing to help you advocate for your patients? Contact us today to learn more.

from our clients


The Remedy Billing Team, unlike so many other billing companies, are responsive, professional, and exceptional in their work. Within a year of opening they were able to help us secure JCAHO, In-Network contracts with the Colorado major payers, and streamline our authorization process. We’re seeing longer authorizations and faster payments while paying a lower rate than other billing providers. I can’t speak highly enough about their team. 

Jade Recovery

I can’t say enough about how much Remedy has helped us with our billing concerns. We went through 3 billing companies in less than 3 years. Our billing problems were a constant struggle and caused incredible financial grief. Finally, we found Remedy. They responded timely to every request, are very fun to work with, and have virtually eliminated all our billing struggles. Our revenues literally doubled in the first 3 months and our time to pay shortened considerably. We owe Remedy a tremendous debt of gratitude. I would highly recommend them to any addiction treatment center.

Clean Recovery

It’s been a dramatic change of pace. We were used to sort of being the lowest priority on our former billing company’s list. We never really saw any movement. Nick and his team on the other hand really make us feel like a part of the family. We get answers immediately and I know that Nick is doing everything he can to take care of us.

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