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Transparency & Analytics

The Reporting & Analytics You Need

From authorized days, number of intakes, to a waterfall of uncollected claims per month –

you have the information you need every week.

Helping you track your admissions

With our weekly reporting you can easily see how many clients are admitting into your facility. We go a step further so you can also see how that compares to previous months. This way you can determine if there’s been changes in admitting levels of care. 

We work with our clients to assist them in understanding how these leading indicators will affect future deposits. As intakes and the number of authorized days increase – future deposits gradually increase over the next thirty to forty-five days. It takes slightly longer as billing is done a week in arrears from dates of service which starts the clock on the timing of payment. 

Our team has the ability to customize these dashboards if you’re looking for information about admits by insurance provider, in-network versus out-of-network, or any other internal metric you find useful in tracking your admissions. 

Full reporting on Authorizations

We see authorizations as a leading indicator to future billing, collections, and operational performance. The total number of authorized days accounts for both intakes and discharges. We summarize these data points for you in both an easy to discern dashboard on our weekly reporting summary (example below). 

Our clients have been able to utilize these dashboards to assist with not only cash flow planning but planning out additional hires. As PHP intakes increase, they can predict the corresponding increase in IOP hours in the following month and can map out additional revenue and resources accordingly.

Our team has the ability to customize these dashboards if you’re looking for specific information. We’ve been able to provide insight into average authorized days at each level of care for each of our client’s primary insurance payers. This has been helpful for them as they work to forecast potential revenue for each client and determining an ROI for their various marketing channels. 

If you have additional information at a facility level we can include those into our weekly reporting package to reflect information including: discharge reasons, admits by referral source, average length of stay per therapist, and much more.  


Understand your billing & collections

In an easy to discern weekly dashboard we provide you all the information you need on a weekly basis. Easily identify key trends including weekly billing, changes in authorized days from the previous month, as well as current charges for the current month. 

We also summarize all deductibles applied in the month so you can easily identify if deductibles are affecting your insurance deposits. 


a/r Waterfall of oustanding claims

We understand the most common question all treatment providers have when it comes to billing and collections:


We summarize for you the percentage of claims that remain open for each month, for the last twelve months. We typically see approximately 90% of claims settled or closed within the first 60 days although there is monthly variance.  

If you don’t where your claims stand or feel you should be collecting more, contact us today to learn more about the benefits of making the change to Remedy. 


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Start seeing the difference in your collections by making the change to Remedy. Our services speak for themselves. Take a look at our testimonials and we’re happy to review your authorizations, billing, and collection and let you know if we think you’re leaving money on the table. 

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from our clients


The Remedy Billing Team, unlike so many other billing companies, are responsive, professional, and exceptional in their work. Within a year of opening they were able to help us secure JCAHO, In-Network contracts with the Colorado major payers, and streamline our authorization process. We’re seeing longer authorizations and faster payments while paying a lower rate than other billing providers. I can’t speak highly enough about their team. 

Jade Recovery

I can’t say enough about how much Remedy has helped us with our billing concerns. We went through 3 billing companies in less than 3 years. Our billing problems were a constant struggle and caused incredible financial grief. Finally, we found Remedy. They responded timely to every request, are very fun to work with, and have virtually eliminated all our billing struggles. Our revenues literally doubled in the first 3 months and our time to pay shortened considerably. We owe Remedy a tremendous debt of gratitude. I would highly recommend them to any addiction treatment center.

Clean Recovery

It’s been a dramatic change of pace. We were used to sort of being the lowest priority on our former billing company’s list. We never really saw any movement. Nick and his team on the other hand really make us feel like a part of the family. We get answers immediately and I know that Nick is doing everything he can to take care of us.

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