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Outsourcing billing can be a cost-savings by utilizing the experience, technology, and systems already in place by outside providers. If you’re paying more than 6% for billing services, you’re paying too much. Learn more today about how you can receive quality billing services for less. 

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Passing Efficiency Back to You As Savings

With intelligent systems and technology in place, we are able to operate with greater efficiency than other billing providers. Through a combination of billing correctly the first time, and intelligent collection efforts, we are able to chase down every claim successfully with fewer touch points. Then we pass those savings back to our clients with a more affordable billing rate. 

Billing correctly the first time sounds easier than it’s actually effective done across the United States. Some payers require paper claims, others professional forms instead of facility forms. We have systems in place to ensure we have clean bills go out the first time – significantly increasing the speed in which our clients receive payment. 

Most billing providers will work every claim every thirty days, but the reality is that not every payer processes claims in the first thirty days. Typically in-network claims take between 2-5 weeks to result in payment whereas out-of-network claims can take between 4-8 weeks to process. We time our collection efforts based on data analytics for each payer preventing us from unnecessarily following up on claims that were already set for payment. 












outsourcing for efficiency

Learn More About The Benefits of Outsourcing

Top five reasons to outsource your billing:


1.  Rapid & Accurate Claim Submission: With decades of experience you can trust that your claims will be submitted accurately and on time. By billing for multiple locations, across the United States, our clients also benefit from current trends and changes with insurance payers in billing practices as they evolve. 

2. Experienced credentialing and contracting team: Whether it’s adding new employees to your in-network contracts for outpatient services or working on in-network contract negotiations, our experienced team understands how to expedite this process. 

3. Underpayments, negotiations, and single case agreements: Our team not only has the knowledge around which payers allow for underpayment appeals versus those that do not, we also have a long track record of successfully negotiating rates and single case agreements at favorable rates resulting in additional deposits for our clients. 

 4. Experienced utilization review specialists: Our authorization team typically achieves 10% to 25% more authorized days after a full internal review of our client’s documentation and review forms. Knowing what insurance companies are looking for to substantiate levels of care can make all the difference when it comes to advocating for your patients and increasing revenue. 

5. Economies of scale: By outsourcing billing, you not only gain the insight and experience of a team with decades of experience but also your costs fluctuate with your census and growth. Don’t absorb the costs of being over-staffed unncessarily when you can partern with an experienced billing partner. 


Learn More About The Difference in Choosing Remedy Billing

Verification of insurance

At remedy, our clients have immediate access to preliminary insurance information and on average we return a fully verified VOB request within thirty minutes during regular business hours. Additionally, our team has the experience to provide insight on payment, double check verifications that seem wrong, and escalate with payers on the front-end to make sure you’re receiving accurate information from the beginning.

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Insurance Authorizations

Authorizations are a crucial component to the billing and collecting process. Missed authorizations and less authorized days directly impact your bottom line. We take a proactive approach and work directly with your clinical team in making sure we have the information to best advocate for your patients. Each client has a dedicated utilization representative so you get to know the team working on maximizing your revenue and authorizations. 

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billing services

When claims are sent out correctly the first time, it means you get paid faster. Our experienced team also helps with negotiating single case agreements at premium rates so you know what you can expect for payment on the front-end. Unlike other billing companies, we chase every claim – not just the larger ones. Learn more about how we chase down under-payments, assist with back-end multi-plan contracts, and avoid shortcuts to maximize your revenue. 

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reporting & Designated Staff

You’ll have a designated Utilization Review Specialist who will be your point of contact for all your insurance authorizations and will get to know your clinical team to help and assist as needed. We believe personal relationships are effective in streamlining processes and better assisting you. We also provide advanced analytics so you have greater insight into your facility each week. Track and deposits and length of stay increase and we can help you forecast and plan for additional growth. 

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Billing Made Easy

There’s a lot of billing providers out there, but the proof is in the results. The results we achieve for our clients speaks for itself. Take a look at our testimonials and ask us today about reviewing your claims and data for missed revenue opportunities. 

from our clients


It’s been a dramatic change of pace. We were used to sort of being the lowest priority on our former billing company’s list. We never really saw any movement. Nick and his team on the other hand really make us feel like a part of the family. We get answers immediately and I know that Nick is doing everything he can to take care of us.

Break the Cycle

I can’t say enough about how much Remedy has helped us with our billing concerns. We went through 3 billing companies in less than 3 years. Our billing problems were a constant struggle and caused incredible financial grief. Finally, we found Remedy. They responded timely to every request, are very fun to work with, and have virtually eliminated all our billing struggles. Our revenues literally doubled in the first 3 months and our time to pay shortened considerably. We owe Remedy a tremendous debt of gratitude. I would highly recommend them to any addiction treatment center.

Clean Recovery

The Remedy Billing Team, unlike so many other billing companies, are responsive, professional, and exceptional in their work. Within a year of opening they were able to help us secure JCAHO, In-Network contracts with the Colorado major payers, and streamline our authorization process. We’re seeing longer authorizations and faster payments while paying a lower rate than other billing providers. I can’t speak highly enough about their team. 

Jade Recovery


Flat Fee Subject To Minimum Deposits


Outsourcing billing can be a cost-savings by utilizing the experience, technology, and systems already in place by outside providers. If you're paying more than 6% for billing services, you're paying too much. Learn more today about how you can receive quality billing services for less.