TeleHealth Billing

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Summary of Current Regulatory Environment


Insurance Providers Allowing Telehealth Services 

We are pleased that insurance providers across the United States have made exceptions to their service guidelines to allow for utilizing telehealth at the same reimbursement as for onsite services. We do not have guidance on whether this trend will continue in perpuity, however no end date has yet been communicated to anyone on our team. We advise our clients to review state guidelines when determining whether to operate onsite and in what capacity. During this COVID-19 pandemic, we have also found it easier to secure single case agreements as insurance providers have been more flexible in assisting clients with finding access to mental health and substance abuse treatment. Contact us today if you have specific questions or concerns pertaining to your facility.


Traditional Telehealth Billing 

Insurance providers have had telehealth billing codes approved prior to the global COVID-19 pandemic. However, these modifier codes often reimbursed at a significantly lower rate than traditional onsite services and were largely limited to outpatient services (not PHP or IOP day-rate reimbursement). Initially, as states set restrictions and stay at home orders, it was unclear if insurance payers were going to carve out expections to their current reimbursement model for services. We are very pleased to have worked with insurance providers in confirming that outpatient treatment facilities are able to bill in their usual and customary way at this time.


No End Date Currently Set For TeleHealth Exceptions 

At this time, we have not received any guidance that telehealth services will be limited in the near future.


More Frequent Utilization Review Requests 

We have found that insurance providers are authorizing fewer days between utilization reviews for those operating exclusively through tele-health. While clients are still receiving authorizations, the number of days authorized during each review as decreased on average. We have communicate to our clients to expect requests more frequently up until the return to rendering services back onsite. 



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The Remedy Billing Team, unlike so many other billing companies, are responsive, professional, and exceptional in their work. Within a year of opening they were able to help us secure JCAHO, In-Network contracts with the Colorado major payers, and streamline our authorization process. We’re seeing longer authorizations and faster payments while paying a lower rate than other billing providers. I can’t speak highly enough about their team. 

Jade Recovery

I can’t say enough about how much Remedy has helped us with our billing concerns. We went through 3 billing companies in less than 3 years. Our billing problems were a constant struggle and caused incredible financial grief. Finally, we found Remedy. They responded timely to every request, are very fun to work with, and have virtually eliminated all our billing struggles. Our revenues literally doubled in the first 3 months and our time to pay shortened considerably. We owe Remedy a tremendous debt of gratitude. I would highly recommend them to any addiction treatment center.

Clean Recovery

It’s been a dramatic change of pace. We were used to sort of being the lowest priority on our former billing company’s list. We never really saw any movement. Nick and his team on the other hand really make us feel like a part of the family. We get answers immediately and I know that Nick is doing everything he can to take care of us.

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